Jan 062017

We’ve added closed captions for the Voyager Albacore Fishing 2003 video on the watermanatwork.com website and on YouTube.

Closed captioning is a time consuming and tedious part of video production. Most viewers won’t use it, but we want people who may have hearing problems or can’t listen to the sound for some reason to enjoy the video just like everybody else. All the watermanatwork.com videos have closed captions except for the older video clips, we are in the process of updating those videos and when we do, they will be closed captioned.

The winter work sessions here at the Hood River office have slowed a bit due to the very nasty winter weather. We’ve had an unusually long stretch of cold, snow and ice. We do have significant winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but for the past month or so, it’s been more like Alaska. We are still getting work done, but we have to take time to do the things you need to do to prevent becoming a frozen meat patty. Keep checking in for new stuff.

Jan 012017

Happy New Year from the cold and snowy Pacific Northwest! 2016 was OK, a bit of a bumpy ride at times, but we looking forward to a great 2017.

We here at watermanatwork.com have been enjoying the holidays, but we’ll be back in the workshop tomorrow.

Dec 242016

We here at watermanatwork.com want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from watermanatwork.com

Whether you are walking on the beach or trudging through snow, home with family and friends or on the road, we hope you can find a bit of joy this Christmas.

Dec 212016

Not a lot of outdoor activity has been happening for the past few weeks, unless you count shoveling snow. Lots of snow. Around here, weather is a major factor in daily life, especially when the weather is bad. Heavy snow and ice storms have closed highways and knocked out power. It’s been pretty cold as well. Even when the weather is not so good, the Pacific Northwest is a breathtaking place, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

A short break in the 2016 winter storms near Mt. Hood in Oregon

The WatermanAtWork Hood River office has been snowed in for about ten days. The first day I was able to get into town to check the mail and restock supplies, I made a two foot error in judgement, slid off the road and got stuck in the snow and frozen mud underneath.

Stuck up to the axles in snow and mud

We still have lots of projects in the works and when we aren’t trying not to become Donner Party 2016, we are working to get them on the watermanatwork.com website. Working on videos where we are in shorts and T shirts can take it’s toll when it’s 20° and snowing.

Dec 102016

We have posted a new albacore fishing video to the watermanatwork.com website and to YouTube. This video features some wide open albacore fishing aboard the Voyager out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego. The video has non-stop albacore fishing action, the stuff dream offshore fishing trips are made of.

Albacore fishing aboard the Voyager

Click HERE or on the photo above to check out the albacore fishing video on the watermanatwork.com website. Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube. The closed captioning needs to be added, I should have that in the next day or two. There is very little talking in the video, but a lot of hooting and hollering.

We will have more stuff coming up, so keep checking in!

Dec 032016

To say “thanks for stopping by” the watermanatwork.com website and blog, we’ve made a couple wallpapers that you can download and use on popular mobile devices. You can use the images for a lock screen, wallpaper or screen saver. They are JPEG image files so they are small and load quickly. Best of all, WatermanAtWork wallpaper is 100% FREE.

The images available are both sunrise photos, one from the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest and the other is from La Jolla, California

Columbia River Gorge WatermanAtWork wallpaper for mobile devices La Jolla CA WatermanAtWork wallpaper for mobile devices

Click HERE or on the photos above to go to the wallpaper page. Find your device and download the image. Set the photo as wallpaper for your Home or Lock screen. If you need more help changing your wallpaper, google it for your device, there are plenty of tutorials and specific directions. It’s really easy to do.

We’ve got more stuff coming up so keep checking in!

Nov 282016

Hate to do it, but I’m putting my Burton Supermodel 174 snowboard up for sale. This board was purchased direct from Burton in 1997 and hand made in Vermont USA. The board is in mint condition. A few minor scratches on the deck from skier’s poles, the bottom is like new.

Burton Supermodel 174

Burton Supermodel 174

The board comes with more recent Burton Cartel bindings, stomp pad and leash. Padded board bag included. $250 for everything, ready to ride.

Burton Cartel bindings

This board was designed by Craig Kelly and hand made in Vermont. The Supermodel is the board Kelly rode for backcountry and helicopter boarding. It is for big mountains, power carving and powder, the deeper the better. It is very fast. Wood core smooths out the ride.

Burton Supermodel 174

I’ve had some epic days riding this board, but my big mountain days are over. I’m on the Supermodel 168 from now on.

Bear Mountain 1997

Burton Supermodel 174

They didn’t make a lot of these boards so they are pretty rare. It’s a board for a more advanced snowboarder who wants a board for those deep powder days or trips to the big mountains. You can ride with confidence on the steepest slopes and deepest powder. If you are a tall person, it would be a good everyday board but it would be a shame to run this vintage classic over rocks and dirt.

Board, bindings and bag $250. If you are interested contact me at watermanatwork@gmail.com

Nov 202016

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest continues on the gray and rainy path to winter, so we haven’t been outside too much, other than to put the snow tires on the truck. That’s just the way it goes around here. You don’t get green forests, lakes, rivers and snow capped mountains unless there is a significant amount of rain in the equation, so you don’t hear a whole lot of complaining about the wet winter weather. When the weather is good, we are outside as much as we can. When the weather is poor, we take care of the stuff we don’t want to deal with when the weather is nice.

Working on the watermanatwork.com website

We’ve started into the pile of work slated for the mostly indoor winter months and are nearing completion of the first major project. We’ve got a little more work to do, but we hope to have things wrapped up by the end of this week, so keep checking back and we’ll let you know when the new stuff is online.

Nov 152016

Checking in from a rainy Pacific Northwest. We’ve had a lot of rain in the past few weeks, mostly on and off showers with occasionally heavier rain. Expecting snow in the higher elevations in the next few days. We can’t see Mt. Hood because it’s covered with clouds, but I would imagine that it’s snowing somewhere up there. Probably pretty windy, too. Anyway, aside from a couple bicycle rides, our outdoor activity has been limited to raking leaves and getting all the outdoor chores finished before the weather gets really bad. If the rain lets up for a day or two, it’s time to put the snow tires on the truck. It’s not so bad; a couple years ago we had almost a foot of snow just before Thanksgiving.

We have started on the long list of winter projects. A number of fishing videos and “how to” articles are on the agenda, as well as some vintage mountain bike racing videos that will be upgraded to more current video standards. There are always photos to edit and add to the website as well. We spent most of last winter updating the watermanatwork.com website so it would work on all computers and mobile devices, this winter will be dedicated to adding new content.

The blog posts may be a little thin this time of year, but stick with us because we definitely have things coming up.

Aug 062016

KOM Sports Marketing, located in Colorado Springs, CO has been caught red handed stealing images off of the watermanatwork.com website and selling them as their own. We spotted this image of Steve Hegg on the World Cycling League website:

This copyrighted photo was stolen by KOM Sports Marketing and sold to World Cycling League

The photo of Steve Hegg from the watermanatwork.com website was stolen by KOM Sports Marketing, who cropped out the watermanatwork.com watermark and sold the image to the World Cycling League. When we notified the World Cycling League they had stolen material on their website, they informed us that the images, most likely all stolen from various websites, had been purchased from KOM Sports Marketing. World Cycling League has taken the photos off of their website.

We have bombproof evidence that Steve Brunner and the rest of the KOM Sports Marketing thieves stole the Steve Hegg image off the watermanatwork.com website and illegally sold material that was not theirs to sell. We are moving forward with legal action against KOM and hopefully some criminal charges as well. If you are a sports photographer, especially a cycling sports photographer, we suggest you go to the KOM Sports Marketing website, check out the websites of their clients, and see if KOM has stolen any of your images.

Here at watermanatwork.com, we generate all the content and provide it free to inspire people to get off the couch and enjoy the outdoors. All we ask is that you don’t steal our stuff. Too much to ask for the dirtbags at KOM Sports Marketing. If you a customer of KOM, we would ask that you try to find an honest business to work with your event and get rid of companies like KOM Sports Marketing that are sucking the life out of American cycling. Or, perhaps wind up like one of KOM Sports Marketing clients, The USA Pro Challenge, which is out of business because it unable to find legitimate sponsors. Fuck these guys.