Oct 112016

The Columbia River salmon fishing report from this morning is not very good. The water in Columbia tributaries is still running a little high and fast, pretty murky as well. The off color water reaches out into the main river until the depth reaches about twenty feet or so. The fish are still in the water, but I’ve never had much success fishing for salmon or steelhead when the water is muddy. Lots of vegetation floating around too.

The fishing conditions were pretty good but the fishing was not that hot. I had a couple hits that didn’t stick and that’s about it. Despite the good weather, there were only a few boats out.

We’ll try it again tomorrow, then it looks like at least another few days when we won’t be able to fish because of the weather. Hoping the fishing is at least a little better so I can catch at least one more salmon. It’s not looking good, but we’re hoping our luck holds out at least one more fishing day.

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