Apr 122018

The kayak fishing on the Colorado River for largemouth bass continues to be very good. We are learning when to fish, where the fish are and what the fish are biting. The more time we spend on the river, the more fish we catch and we are starting to land a few big largemouth bass.

It’s starting to get really hot, at or near 100°F for days at a time. It’s 65° at night so it doesn’t cool off all that much. We like to get an early start in the morning when it is cool. We have to paddle a couple miles up the Colorado River to where we are fishing, it’s better to do it in the early morning darkness and be on the fishing spot when the sun comes up.

Launching the kayak before sunrise on the Colorado River

Getting out there early usually pays off with a few fish before the sun comes up. A little tougher fishing in the reeds and plant overgrowth on the river banks when you can’t see, that just adds to the excitement.

Largemouth bass caught before sunrise on the Colorado River by watermanatwork.com kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

Some of the mornings have been overcast, which is a welcome relief from the blazing hot desert sun. I’m wearing a hoodie more for protection from early morning mosquitoes rather than the cool temperature.

Early morning largemouth bass caught on the Colorado River by watermanatwork.com kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

I met James and Joe who were also camping and fishing on the Colorado River. These guys are hardcore fishermen and pretty fun guys in general. When Joe showed up, the first thing he did was cook up bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for everybody. They where delicious, nice to meet people like this. A big bonus when you are traveling.

Joe cooking breakfast for everybody!

This section of the Colorado River is a great place for kayak fishing. The only thing that can keep you off the river is the wind and maybe the heat. There are plenty of places for fish to hang out and lots of largemouth and striped bass looking for food.

Kayak fishing on the Colorado River in the southwest USA.

We are starting to find some of the larger bass as we get more experience fishing on the Colorado River. We have had days when we have caught fifteen or twenty bass, which is a pretty decent day of fishing. There are a lot of “one pounders” that put up a great fight for their size and a few bigger fish in the two to five pound range.

Colorado River largemouth bass caught by watermanatwork.com kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

After a long day of fishing on the Colorado River in the desert heat, the kayak seems a lot heavier carrying it back to the truck than it did in the morning taking the kayak from the truck to the river. This looks like an ideal kayak fishing situation, but the temperature is over 100°. That’s very hot, but you have to haul all your fishing gear and the kayak back to camp. Uphill, as it always seems to be at the end of a long fishing day.

Kayak launch on the lower Colorado River

As we get more experience by spending more time on the river, we are starting to catch some larger bass. I pulled this big bass out of a clump of weeds on a sweltering 100° day. I’m pretty sure this is my personal best largemouth bass.

Large Colorado River largemouth bass caught by watermanatwork.com kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

After a few days of really hot weather and some hot largemouth bass fishing, we are back in town picking up supplies and taking care of business. It’s windy today and we’ve got another dust storm going. We had a dust storm last week that was full Laurence of Arabia, there was dust in and on everything. These desert dust storms are pretty knarly. Summer is coming on quickly, the birds are headed back north after a winter in the desert sun.

Birds ending the winter in the Arizona desert and headed back north for the summer

We’re headed back out to the river, dodging the windy spring days. We’ve been getting a lot of good kayak fishing video so we hope to get a few fishing videos produced, but the fishing has been so good, it’s hard to take a day off to edit video. Stay tuned for more kayak fishing action from the Colorado River.

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