Jul 222020

One thing for certain about the Cascade Mountains is that things are constantly changing. After a few mostly sunny days, the clouds rolled in and the weather went from mostly sunny to completely overcast. Not a bad thing because it made the days a bit cooler and the nights a bit warmer.

Young deer by morning campsite

The forest animals didn’t care about the weather change. This young deer ambled right up to the tailgate of the truck to have some breakfast with us.

Cascade Mountain trail overcast conditions

The overcast conditions change the way the trails look under sunny skies.

Cascade Mountain trail overcast conditions
Green Cascade Mountain trail overcast conditions
Cascade Mountain trail overcast conditions

These are world class riding trails and with perfect conditions, we ride until the legs stop working, which is always too soon.

Cascade Mountain stream
Thistle flower Cascade Mountains

The bicycle riding is about as good as it gets, with plenty of interesting things to see along the way.

Sun barely able to shine through the thick clouds over Mt Adams

The sun was barely able to shine through the thick clouds over Mt Adams as we made our way higher up the mountain.

Cascade Mountain trail

In the deeper parts of the forest, the overcast skies created a quiet, surrealistic effect.

Mountain bike riding near Mt Adams

The overcast skies eventually gave way to more blue, sunny Cascade Mountain skies.

Overgrown Cascade Mountain trail

We rode up to where the bushes were so thick that it was impossible to peddle uphill with the bushes tangling with the bikes. We will have to try this trail coming downhill from another direction.

Cascade Mountain butterfly

Back at camp, butterflies were fluttering around while we packed up and got ready to move to another part of the mountains.

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