The Last Kayak Fishing Trip

It’s always a sad day when we take the last kayak fishing trip of the winter season on the lower Colorado River. At least we had some pretty good success on the last few kayak fishing trips. As usual, out before the crack of dawn before the desert wind and heat increases and takes care … Read more

Full On Kayak Fishing

It’s time for full on kayak fishing as the winter fishing season comes to an end. There are only a few fishing days left and we are trying to get as much kayak fishing in as possible before we retire the paddle until next fall. Up at 3:30AM and on the water by 4:30AM. Then … Read more

Kayak Fishing In The Twilight Zone

The unusual weather and fishing conditions have made this Colorado River fishing season like kayak fishing in the Twilight Zone. Relentless wind, day and night with hardly a break. The parched southwest states sucking every available drop out of the Colorado River to the point of not being navigable by boat. Now it appears the … Read more

Challenging Kayak Fishing Conditions

The challenging kayak fishing conditions on the Colorado River continue in what has been a pretty tough year for largemouth bass fishing around here. Hardly a day or two of light wind all winter long, fluctuating water levels and invasive aquatic vegetation have provided for very few epic kayak fishing moments. We have caught a … Read more

Blown Off the Water

Kayak fishing here on the Colorado River has come to dead stop, blown off the water by raging desert wind. The desert is known for its wind along with the dust and sandstorms that come with it. Last year had noticeably more wind than the previous year and this winter is windier than last year … Read more

Challenging Kayak Fishing

While the kayak fishing conditions have been good, the river water situation has made for challenging kayak fishing for largemouth bass on the Colorado River. Calm morning wind and comfortable temperatures made for perfect kayak fishing conditions. We managed to catch a few fish in the early morning darkness, but even in the dark it … Read more