Mar 162018

A couple local bass fishermen clued us into a couple lesser known fishing spots among the backwaters of the Gila River so we took a few days to check it out. These places are pretty popular with the local fishermen, but not as popular as some other bass fishing spots. They are off the main road by some distance and they are rustic, at best. Launching a kayak is no problem, if you have a boat on a trailer, better be towing it with a 4×4.

Primitive boat launch ramp on the Gila River backwaters.

There have been a few overcast mornings. Not cold, just cloudy. Nice to have a little relief from the blazing sun when you are outside in the desert. Like most other bodies of water around here, it is a haven for all types of birds and other wildlife.

Gila River backwater on an overcast spring morning.

It’s not that big of a lake or pond, whatever you want to call it, but there are some big bass in here. Even the smaller fish put up a great fight.

Largemouth bass trying to throw the hook. Kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

Every morning has not been overcast, there have been some spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the desert waterways.

Sunrise over the backwaters of the Gila River

We did not catch any of the ten pound bass reputed to reside in these waters, but we did manage to land a few of their smaller cousins.

Feisty largemouth bass in the Gila River backwaters

We did a little exploring on the Gila River. It is a shallow, relatively fast moving river. We aren’t sure what kind of fish are in here or how to catch them, so we’ll save that for another day.

Exploring the Gila River by kayak

These places are well off the main road. After a few days of kayak fishing for largemouth bass, we are back on the road.

On the road to the next kayak fishing adventure with

Keep checking in because there are more kayak fishing adventures ahead.

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