Slim Jim Antenna

The quickest way to increase the range of a ham radio is by using a more efficient antenna. A popular ham radio antenna, especially in non-permenant mounting situations, is a Slim Jim antenna. The Slim Jim we will use is a portable end fed folded half wave dipole and quarter wave J configuration for our … Read more

Getting Started With Ham Radio

This post will show how to get started with ham radio the cheap and easy way. Why should you listen to me? Because there is nothing for sale and there are no ads. I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned here. I purchased all the items just like you would. My years … Read more

Getting a Ham Radio License

If you are interested in getting a ham radio license, the process is straightforward if you follow a few easy steps. You will have to know some basic electronics and do a little studying, but it’s not that difficult. To get started, head to the ARRL website. You can navigate through the ARRL website or … Read more

KK7DTK is On the Air

KK7DTK is on the air. I’ve wanted to get a ham radio license ever since I was a kid who couldn’t afford to buy a radio. Since then, I’ve worked as an electronics technician in the Marines and with UAVs as well as civilian tech companies. I was always using somebody else’s radios and never … Read more