Great Kayak Fishing

After a long absence, we finally have great kayak fishing for largemouth bass on the Colorado River. Every day of great fishing is important now because the trend is defintely less days like this. We’ve really been lucky here because this place is not known for its great bass fishing. It’s been a poor winter … Read more

Tough Fishing Extreme Weather

Extreme weather and unfavorable water conditions are making for tough kayak fishing on the Colorado River. After a good, but very late start to fishing in 2024, both the weather and fishing conditions have declined. At the time of this post, it is extremely windy, 15-30 mph, with rain forecast for the next couple days, … Read more

All Out Kayak Fishing Part 1

We are running out of time on location here so it’s all out kayak fishing time on the lower Colorado River. The fishing conditions have not been favorable for months and, as far as sportfishing goes, the trend is down. Alarmingly down. Now, each kayak fishing trip here is valuable because there is a real … Read more

All Out Kayak Fishing Part 2

Go to All Out Kayak Fishing Part 1 After a day with mixed results, we were hoping a change of location would bring a change of fortune. Normally, we would not fish here because other spots are better, but the conditions are not normal. We really didn’t know what to expect. Unlike the previous spot, … Read more

No Water, No Fishing

Low Colorado River water level means no fishing as conditions deteriorate. Despite all the recent El Nino influenced rain and snow, the water levels of small lakes and backwaters connected to the river are extremely low. The Colorado River is controlled by a series of man made dams and network of canals. By the time … Read more

Kayak Fishing Photos and GIFs

New Kayak Fishing Photos and GIFs have been posted on the website. We have not been kayak fishing in some time. The water in the Colorado River is much colder than normal, which results in poor fishing because the fish are refrigerated. There are now river access problems as well, courtesy of the Bureau … Read more

Big Chill

After months of persistent desert wind conditions that prevented us from fishing one of our favorite spots on the Colorado River, the wind took a break for one day, and we headed out early in the morning. This place has a very sketchy launch, especially in the dark, and it is a couple miles of … Read more

Winter Kayak Fishing

As winter starts to set in for most of North America with snow and rain, we are fortunate enough to be kayak fishing for largemouth bass on the Colorado River in the desert southwest. It doesn’t snow, or even rain very much here, but it does get cold. It’s in the low 40’s Fahrenheit at … Read more


Changes in location and weather turned our luck around and we had a few days of great kayak fishing. It has been extremely windy in the desert southwest, and on top of that, aquatic vegetation has all but killed off one of our favorite kayak fishing spots. We can’t do much about the wind, but … Read more