Orionid Meteor Shower

The peak of the October 2023 Orionid meteor shower was a few days ago. There were clear skies here in the desert southwest and minimal light pollution. There is a fair sized city about twenty five miles away and a number of military bases nearby, so there are some lights. I’m not exactly set up … Read more

No News

I’m sorry to report that there has been no kayak fishing lately. Of course it sucks when you go somewhere to go fishing and there is no fishing at all, but I think we are starting to see the results of the multiple environmental catastrophes here in the American west. Drought and extreme weather are … Read more

GoPro Hero 7 Dead Battery – Buyer Beware

This technical article written by Ron Barbish who manufactured Photographic Support Systems camera housings for more than 25 years and also worked as an electronics technician for DOD contractors. There is no affiliate advertising on watermanatwork.com. All reviewed items have been purchased at retail price. It’s been a long time since we posted a technical … Read more

Waterman’s Log 10-22-19

This blog entry contains the personal opinions of watermanatwork.com owner Ron Barbish. Watermanatwork.com content is normally restricted outdoor activities, politics purposely left off of website. If you don’t want to hear what Ron Barbish has to say, go to any other blog entry and check out the fishing, cycling and other outdoor adventures. Some of … Read more

Keep Wild Mice Out of Your Vehicle

We here at watermanatwork.com travel to some pretty remote places looking for fishing spots and places to ride bikes and we encounter a lot of wildlife. Deer, elk, coyotes, cougars, bears and many smaller mammals, birds and reptiles. We take precautions with food and trash to not attract any of these wild creatures but it … Read more