Cascade Mountain Bike Season

It’s Cascade Mountain bike season again in the Pacific Northwest. After a couple weeks of rain that was pretty heavy at times, it has mostly cleared up and the mountain bike riding season is off and running. With a lot of uncertainty in the world and me not getting any younger, I’m always thankful for … Read more

Cascade Mountain Bike Wrap Up

With the arrival of rain and mountain snow, the mountain bike season for us is over, so it’s time for the Cascade Mountain bike wrap up post. It’s been a while since the last post, this post will be mostly the photos since then. It has been a dry and dusty summer with very little … Read more

More Cascade Mountain Biking

On a warm and breezy day, it’s time for more Cascade Mountain biking from the Pacific Northwest. Due to the very warm weather, we got an early start for another great bike ride in the Cascade Mountains. Now kicking back in the WatermanAtWork Overland Production Vehicle posting the latest photos to the blog. This deer … Read more

Cascade Mountain Bike Photos

A rainy day here in the Cascade Mountains provides the opportunity to post a couple weeks worth of mountain bike photos in one of the last wild areas of the continental United States. Nature is always in motion. There are a lot of trees here, some of them fall down. It’s been hot and there … Read more

Cascade Mountain Bike Photos

A quick post of some Cascade Mountain bike photos. I’m back in civilization after an encounter with a poacher. A very dangerous situation in the remote Cascade Mountains that is covered elsewhere. Taking care of business, then back to the mountains. Fire season is kicking in and a lot of the outdoor areas are closed … Read more

Higher Into the Mountains

We’ve moved to a different part of the Cascades for mountain bike rides higher into the mountains. The climbs are steeper and all the downhills, which are over three miles long, are mint Cascade Mountain singletrack. It’s been hot here, so we start out early. It takes a while for the sun to rise above … Read more

Cascade Mountain Biking

More great mountain biking from the Cascade Mountains thanks to the good weather and long summer days. There hasn’t been any rain which will lead to dry and dusty conditions soon if there is no precipitation. The hot, dry conditions also increase the risk of fire danger. Fire is not the only danger in this … Read more

Early Summer Cascade Mountain Biking

With the exception of a brief June snow and freezing rain storm, the weather for mountain bike riding in the Cascade Mountains has been pretty good. Low 40’s at night warming up to about 70° in the afternoon. The seasonal snow melt has tapered off and soon only the permenant creeks and streams will have … Read more

The Long Road North

I apologize for the lack of blog material here at and also at This is the time of year I make my annual pilgrimage from the desert southwest to my home in the Pacific Northwest. This season of kayak fishing in the desert was terrible. The Sonoran desert is not a calm place, … Read more

Summer MTB Riding Wrap Up

Just like that, summer is over and it’s time for the summer MTB riding season wrap up. The summer weather in the PacNW is usually fantastic with long days. Just like everywhere else in the American west, this area is suffering from a prolonged drought made worse by record hot summer temperatures. Last year was … Read more