Jun 082018

The wind is not giving us Columbia River kayak fishermen much of a break, but we finally got a day when the wind was pretty much calm and we were able to get a great day of kayak fishing for smallmouth bass. The water level of the Columbia River is dropping, down a few feet from the high water marks. The shoreline is coming back, there has been some riverfront flooding for sure.

Columbia River beach

There isn’t too much doubt that the muddy water in the Columbia River watershed has had a negative effect on the fishing in general, but it looks like the river is clearing up as the water level drops and the fishing is getting better.

Kayak fishing for smallmouth bass on the Columbia River with watermanatwork.com

The smallmouth bass fishing has been pretty tough lately. When you can’t catch smallmouth bass on the Columbia River, or even the John Day River, on the first week of June, the fishing is really bad. The water conditions are improving and so is the fishing. We caught a lot of smallmouth bass today, so many that I lost count. That’s what smallmouth bass fishing on the Columbia River is all about. Most of the fish were half-pounders, but great fighters on light tackle. I was finally able to get a couple bigger fish, like this nice Columbia River smallmouth bass

Columbia River smallmouth bass caught by watermanatork.com kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

There was lots of kayak fishing action on the Columbia River today. The river is still a bit on the wild side and it’s going to be windy for a few days, but the smallmouth bass are out there.

Kayak fishing for smallmouth bass on the Columbia River with watermanatwork.com

Looks like windy conditions for a few days, so we’ll try and get the video editing going with more kayak fishing adventures. Keep checking in because we always have something going on.

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