Jun 132018

Calm days have been few and far between this spring and early summer here on the Columbia River, so when a calm day rolls around, we are out kayak fishing on the Columbia River. We were fishing pretty close to one of the big dams on the Columbia, there were more than a few floodgates open and the water was high and the currents strong. Most of the spots we’d caught bass before at were still underwater. It was a really nice day and we were going to have to try and find where the smallmouth bass were hiding.

A beautiful late spring morning on the Columbia River

The fish were scattered around, but they were there. Just like a few days earlier, we caught a lot of smaller fish. We use pretty light tackle so even the small fish put up a good fight. Small fish are better than no fish and sooner or later a bigger smallmouth bass will show up. Not all the fish are big ones, but some of them are…

Columbia River smallmouth bass caught by watermanatwork.com kayak fisherman Ron Barbish

Looks like a few windy days coming up so it will be the editing room for us. Check back for more kayak fishing stuff.

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