Mar 232017

We’ve been cleaning out one of the WatermanAtWork storage facilities when we came across this factory pack of Rick Griffin Murphy surf stickers. The stickers look to be in mint condition and the glue on the back of the stickers may still be good, but they might be worth a little more in the condition they are in.

Rick Griffin Murphy surf stickers

Rick Griffin Murphy surf stickers

Rick Griffin’s work was well known, especially among the surf crowd.

Rick Griffin Murphy surf stickers

Good times.

  6 Responses to “Rick Griffin Murphy Surf Stickers”

  1. Are these for sale? My husbands birthday is coming up and he’s been searching for this sticker! Please let me know!
    Tamara Kenworthy

  2. This is a pack of ten stickers. I was thinking of selling them, but not sure if I should sell them individually or as a package. They are in mint condition.

  3. Still available?

  4. I think I still have them. Email me at

  5. ALOHA, I’d like to get a couple of these. Have any left? Mike

  6. Hello-I may have a few left but I am traveling and do not have them with me. I can get back to you or you can check back in a few months. Email is

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