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Been out of town for awhile and have been busy since getting back so the blog was temporarily without any new material. That will change in the next few days; plenty going on and lots of photos and commentary will be uploaded to make up for past few weeks. We’ve been out making photos and videos, just haven’t had the time to process and upload them.
I took a trip back to where I grew up in Northeast Ohio to visit my family and help with some chores that needed to be done. There was time to do a little driving around and checking out the local sights.
This is Daniels Park on the Chagrin River. There used to be a dam here where we used to fish with our Dad when we were young, impatient fisherboys. They removed the dam so salmon and steelhead can swim upstream. There were no fish like that when we were kids, only catfish, suckers, smallmouth and rock bass.

Old Daniels Park Dam

The Chagrin River is low at this time of year, but in a month or two, the steelhead will be returning for the winter and the fishing will be good.

Chagrin River-Daniels Park

Of course we want to get out on Lake Erie as much as we can to get the freezer stocked up with tasty yellow perch, so every morning my Dad and I would head down to Sims Park to check the conditions. Lake Erie is shallow and it doesn’t take a lot of wind to kick up waves that make fishing a tough job. My brother and I used to ride our bikes down here to go fishing during summer vacation, I doubt if many kids do that these days. Sims Park also has a nice disc golf course, the first basket is right on the lake.

Sims Park

We did get out fishing a couple times; the perch were no match for a couple of long time perch slayers

Lake Erie Perch

Then it was off to Texas hill country to do a little bit of weed wrangling at the Tamarac Ranch. Good thing I warmed up by roofing in the 90° Ohio heat because it was over 105° just about every day. That’s hot.

106° in Leander, TX

Got all the work done and managed to enjoy a few beautiful evenings

Leander Sunset

Back in the Gorge, summer is winding down. Been doing a lot of fishing, will be posting photos in the next day or two. Haven’t done much bike riding; it’s been hot and a lot of the trails are closed because of fire danger. There’s smoke in the air just about every day as well.

Check back soon for resumed blog goodies.

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