Great Weather, Great Mountain Bike Riding

Despite a few more excessively hot days, we’ve had some great weather and great mountain bike riding in the Cascade Mountains. It’s a bit dusty, but overall the conditions are about as good as can be expected for this time of year. We’ve come into town for supplies giving me a chance to make this quick blog post. The riding conditions are great and we don’t want to waste a single day so it’s going to be a quick turnaround and we’ll be back in the mountains tomorrow.

Mt Adams

While the weather is beautiful now, the days are quickly getting shorter and the sun is barely making it above the tall forest trees for most of the day. Summer is short here in the PacNW and it will only be a few more weeks and the sun will be replaced by clouds and rain, so we are not going to let a single nice Cascade Mountain day go by. The next time back to civilization, I have to take care of some business so there will be a longer, super duper blog post about the great riding, so check back soon.

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