Great Weekend Outdoors

This past weekend was a great three day weekend in one of the the best places in the continental USA if you are a person who likes to spend their time outside.
First off, you have to realize that this Memorial Day holiday is for the men and women who have given their lives to give us the wonderful life we have here in America. Nobody wants peace more than a person in the armed forces and every person who volunteers to protect our civilization hopes they will be the last person in their family to have to do so, but it just doesn’t look like that is ever going to happen. Still, young Americans step forward to preserve the lives of their family and friends as the world seems to produce a never ending series of death and destruction, so we must send our young men and women off to fight for our existence. Regardless of the continuing questionable judgment of our nation’s politicians, the service of America’s servicemen and women can never be discounted. Hopefully, someday soon, we will see America’s, and the world’s last veteran.



Anyhoo, like I said, the weather here in the usually rainy Pacific NW has been more like July than May. Saturday was a great day of fishing on one of the local lakes. It’s the first time I’ve been out on the kayak there, so I only caught one trout. I had a few more hits and I saw some big fish swimming around, so I’ll have to figure the place out. One of the local fisherman told me the fish bite better in the evening, so I’ll be packing the gear in the truck and hit it after work.


Sunday, Sully and I went for a bike ride on the local trails. We are so damn lucky to have some of the best trails in the whole country right outside our doors. We rode up the hills above White Salmon, WA on cattle trails and the notorious Hospital Hill main climb, had a look at the trails on SDS land back to my house in Snowden, then rode a great downhill into town.
Monday, I had to take care of some chores in the morning, then headed out on the Cervelo for a road ride in the hills of Snowden. This is an unbelievably beautiful place, especially at this time of year. Mountain or road bike, I don’t pick either/or; I have one of each. The mountain biking is the some of the best, on the road you can ride for miles without seeing a vehicle or another bike. A great workout, the legs are getting in shape for the long rides of summer.
That’s it for now, I’ll try to get the website updated with the latest photos, but the weather is so nice and we have all these microbreweries around here, it is going to take a few days.

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