KOM Sports Marketing Steals Copyrighted Material

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KOM Sports Marketing, located in Colorado Springs, CO has been caught red handed stealing images off of the watermanatwork.com website and selling them as their own. We spotted this image of Steve Hegg on the World Cycling League website:

This copyrighted photo was stolen by KOM Sports Marketing and sold to World Cycling League

The photo of Steve Hegg from the watermanatwork.com website was stolen by KOM Sports Marketing, who cropped out the watermanatwork.com watermark and sold the image to the World Cycling League. When we notified the World Cycling League they had stolen material on their website, they informed us that the images, most likely all stolen from various websites, had been purchased from KOM Sports Marketing. World Cycling League has taken the photos off of their website.

We have bombproof evidence that Steve Brunner and the rest of the KOM Sports Marketing thieves stole the Steve Hegg image off the watermanatwork.com website and illegally sold material that was not theirs to sell. We are moving forward with legal action against KOM and hopefully some criminal charges as well. If you are a sports photographer, especially a cycling sports photographer, we suggest you go to the KOM Sports Marketing website, check out the websites of their clients, and see if KOM has stolen any of your images.

Here at watermanatwork.com, we generate all the content and provide it free to inspire people to get off the couch and enjoy the outdoors. All we ask is that you don’t steal our stuff. Too much to ask for the dirtbags at KOM Sports Marketing. If you a customer of KOM, we would ask that you try to find an honest business to work with your event and get rid of companies like KOM Sports Marketing that are sucking the life out of American cycling. Or, perhaps wind up like one of KOM Sports Marketing clients, The USA Pro Challenge, which is out of business because it unable to find legitimate sponsors. Fuck these guys.

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