More Cascade Mountain Biking

On a warm and breezy day, it’s time for more Cascade Mountain biking from the Pacific Northwest. Due to the very warm weather, we got an early start for another great bike ride in the Cascade Mountains. Now kicking back in the WatermanAtWork Overland Production Vehicle posting the latest photos to the blog.

Early AM MTB camp

This deer came into camp for a little breakfast

Mountain deer

We were riding some of the best singletrack trails in this part of the Cascade Mountains.

Early morning trail
Early morning trail
Cascade Mountain singletrack
Cascade Mountain singletrack

We see plenty of deer and month old fawns out riding and back at the camp. In a month or so, during hunting season, you won’t see a single deer.

MTB camp deer

There is a force that common to all living things. Humans haven’t quite figured it out and we’ll probably destroy the place before we do.

It has been warm and dusty, without any rain for weeks. Fire danger is extreme. The Columbia River is low and choked with vegetation. End of summer conditions with another month of summer to go. The glaciers on Mt. Adams are melting at a rapid pace.

Mt. Adams 8-9-23

Conditions for photography, and bike riding as well, have not been ideal due to the constant haze in the air from fire smoke. Passing storms and wind do not seem to be able to clear the air. Disappearing glaciers and fire smoke are now part of the PacNW summer.

There have been a lot of horseback riders lately. We have to all share the trails, but horses turn the trails to sand and dust. That’s the type of trail easiest on the horses. Of course sand and dust is not the kind of trail best suited for bike riders and hikers, but that’s how it goes.

Anyway, after the trails turn to dust, might as well ride on the forest service roads. Sand and dust is pretty hard on the bike, trail riding will have to wait until after it rains.

Mt. Adams

There’s miles of these forest service roads, but this is the mountains and the roads are almost always up and down. There’s old logging roads that are overgrown but still go somewhere. The better your condition, the more you can ride.

Cascade mountain road

That’s about it for now. Check back soon because you know there’s always something coming up.

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