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It’s the middle of winter here and the excitement level is not exactly at a fever pitch right now but things are happening. If you are a regular visitor to this blog or the website, you know that there are a lot of photos and videos and not a lot of text. Unfortunately, the big photos and video do not work well with four inch mobile phones, so we are designing the website to work perfectly on mobile devices. This takes a lot of mind-numbing computer coding where a single character out of place causes big problems, so it’s taking a little time. mobile website

Not much going on here this time of year; the weather is usually rain and 40°F and there’s not much snow in the mountains, so we are parked in front of the computer working on the new mobile website. Once we get the new mobile website finished, we can get back to the photos and videos that need to be edited and uploaded. Even if it seems like nothing is happening, there is, it just takes a little time before you can see the results.

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