Pacific NW Mountain Bike Adventures – Part 2

After nearly two weeks of wind and rain, the rain finally stopped but not the wind, so back to the mountains for more mountain bike riding. Things are really tense in the cities and towns around here, so it’s nice to have the mountains to escape to.

Anxious to go riding after two weeks of sitting around watching it rain, we were up early and ready to ride. Cool nights and mornings after the passing storm fronts. Once you got on the bike and riding, it was fine.

Early morning MTB camp

We try to do the bulk of the climbing in the morning when it’s cool. The wildlife is active in the morning so you have a better show as you grind your way up the mountain.

Riding mountain bikes near Mt Adams

Due to the past couple weeks of non-stop rain, the trails were in perfect condition. The soil is sandy and after a couple of warm summer days, it will be loose and dusty.

Perfect trail conditions in the Pacific Northwest

We rode up to some of our favorite singletrack trails only to find the trail completely blocked by numerous large blown down trees and the trail head markers destroyed.

Trail head destroyed by large blown down trees

Everything was clean and green from all the rain, maybe even a light dusting of snow on the top of Mt Adams.

Mountain bike riding near Mt Adams

We rode up old logging roads made of black and red lava rock. On the sides of the roads there were these durable flowers growing out of lava rock.

Mountain flowers growing out of lava rock

We rode through ancient lava flows and lava domes like this one.

Ancient lava dome near Mt Adams

We rode higher and higher towards Mt Adams and the roads got steeper and steeper. Not in very good shape from not riding, there came the time I could go no further. To be in good bike riding shape means you can ride more so it’s always a solid goal to stay in shape.

Riding mountain bikes near Mt Adams

Before we turned around for the downhill run back to camp, we took a final look at Mt Hood on the other side of the Columbia River Gorge.

Mt Hood

The next day, Mt Adams was covered with clouds as another storm moved in.

Cloudy Mt Adams

We decided to spend the rainy days taking care of business, so we closed up yet another great stretch of mountain bike riding.

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