Possible Last Fishing Trip of 2009

We are back in Ohio visiting family and friends and squeezing in a couple fishing trips on what were probably the last couple nice days of the year before the boats get winterized and stored away for the winter.


The first day out the weather was really nice; about seventy degrees and sunny; pretty good weather for this time of year. We did OK, but not great. As you can see by the photo above; broham Gary got the big fish of the day.



The next day; the weather was not so nice. Colder and windy; borderline conditions, but since it was probably the last day of the season; we had to give it a go. Good call; the fishing was really good and we limited out on fat perch.


Then we ran into a little bit of a problem. On the way home; the leaf spring on the boat trailer broke. The axle broke off trashing the trailer and leaving the trailer on the street with no wheels. How do you get a boat and trailer off the street with no wheels on the trailer? All it takes is about a dozen people, a few floor jacks, three cops, two tow trucks and about $250. That is ending the fishing season with a bang.
Will be back in the PacNW in a couple days.

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