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We have finally managed to get all the work done and have posted some classic skateboard photos from the late 1970’s and early 80’s to the website. There are photos from the original Carlsbad Skatepark, the San Onofre pipes, aka “Nukeland”, “Sanoland” and”San O”, along with photos from the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch. Click HERE to check out the skateboard photos.

If the photos are black and white, it is real black and white film, most likely Kodak Tri-X, hand developed at ASA 200. The color photos are Kodachrome 64. Olympus OM-1 and Nikon FM 2 35mm cameras were used. The slides and negatives have been scanned into digital files and restored with Photoshop CS6. Most of the slides and negatives are scratched or have minor damage as well as normal deterioration from passing time. It can take up to eight hours to restore a single negative or slide.

Click HERE for skateboard photos at

Click HERE or on the photo above to check out the skateboard photos at

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