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This is a great time of year. The days are long and the weather is beautiful. While it may only last for a few months; this is a great place to be.
The warm weather is melting the mountain snow and the rivers are running fast and cold. If whitewater kayaking or rafting is your game; there are a number of world class rivers that allow you to get out there and test your skills.


There is a lot of ranching and farming around here; this is the time of year the early season hay is cut, baled and stored away for the rest of the year. Horses and cows are big animals; they eat a lot. Many of those animals will be eating this hay for the rest of the year.


The PacNW is famous for fruit; this time of year the cherries are being harvested.


There are a couple cherry orchards down the road who sell their crop primarily to locals, so we go down there and pick enough cherries to fill a five gallon bucket at ridiculously cheap prices and then eat cherries, make cherry pie and ice cream and eat that until we just can’t eat any more cherries. What a way to go.

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