Vintage Skateboard Photos

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Been kind of slow here at the WatermanAtWork blog lately. The weather this time of year in the Pacific Northwest has been much better than normal, but it’s still pretty cold and gray so the outdoor activity is kind of limited so we don’t have a lot of new photos or things to talk about. There has been a real shortage of snow this year so far, so not much as far as snowboarding or snowshoeing to talk about. Been out for a few bike rides, but it’s not super photogenic and a lot of times it’s too cold to stop and take a picture.
The limited outdoor activity is giving us time to process a lot of photos and videos to put on the website. We’ve added kayak fishing photos and fishing photos from a great 2013 fishing season and we are currently working on some vintage skateboarding photos from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. These were the seminal years for modern skateboarding the the photos have not been seen for more than thirty years.

A skateboarder at Del Mar Skate Ranch 1979

These are old black and white negatives and some of them have been damaged over the years. It’s a time consuming and tedious job to restore them, but we’ve got most of the major work done and should have the photos on the website in a few days.

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