Watch Out For That Tree

On my last mountain bike ride; I was trying to keep up with DH Dan G and probably going faster than I should have been going when I clipped a tree with my handlebar that sent me flying head first into another large tree.


Checking out the damage to the helmet; looks like I hit the tree near the top of the helmet. You can see two big dents at the front of the rear air vent where it hit first. Then rolled off the right side of the tree trunk. There’s a piece of bark stuck in the black foam part of the helmet.


I put my left hand out to ward off the tree; dislocated my pinkie finger and smashed my ring finger for the effort. Checked my disc brake pads; they were down to the bone; that wouldn’t have prevented the crash but it probably didn’t help. The stupid pads only lasted 300 miles.
Wavered just a little bit outside the fine line between control and speed.

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