Apr 132014

I think we can say without putting the hex on ourselves that spring has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. There is less and less rain and more and more sun. The grass is growing about an inch a day, that’s a sure sign of spring and the blossoms on the pear trees in the Hood River Valley are in full bloom. The water temperature in the Columbia River is just about 50°F, that’s warm enough for the bigger smallmouth bass to start moving around, so tomorrow the kayak fishing gear is getting checked out and made ready for fishing whenever the wind permits. There might also be some opportunities for walleye fishing, haven’t done too much of that from the kayak on the Columbia, but there are some big ones to be had, might have to give it a try.

We are still hard at work editing more fishing videos, including updated kayak fishing video on San Diego Bay as well as a salmon and steelhead fishing video from one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere fishing rivers, so stay tuned for more fishing action on the watermanatwork.com website as well as daily fishing reports, photos and video as we kick off the 2014 fishing season.

Apr 112014

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest looks like it’s going to be nice for awhile which is great news if you are a mountain biker. The trails are drying out and the snow on the higher elevation trails is melting. There are still trees and other blow down on the trails from the winter storms, but this past winter was not as bad as other recent winters, so it won’t be as big of a job to clear the trails as it has been the past couple years.

The grasses and springtime wildflowers are starting to grow very quickly, the leaves on the trees won’t be far behind

Pacific Northwest singletrack

With the weather warming up, the local wildlife is active and moving around. You can expect to see all kinds of animals enjoying the end of winter.

Perfect PacNW singletrack

This is a good time of year to get out in the woods for some great mountain bike riding.

Apr 072014

After more than a week of rain, we’ve had our first 70° day of 2014 today. We’ve been dodging rainstorms and riding the road bikes around and we’ve managed to sneak a couple trail rides in when the rain subsides for a few days, but today was the first day when it was really dry enough to go have a look at the local trails. There has been some trail work done on what are hopefully the last days of the rainy season so today we got a chance to actually put down the shovels and go for a ride.

It’s always great to be out on the trails after a long winter of being cooped up indoors. It was a really nice day today, the springtime sun shining through the trees still barren of any leaves

Spring trail ride

The first long ride of the spring is a sad reminder of how far out of shape you get over the winter playing video games and drinking beer, time to start putting in the miles and getting in shape!

Unfortunately, there was one major bummer on this nice spring day; the amount of damage done to the trails by people riding when the trails are too muddy to ride. There were a number of trail sections that had serious damage and some sections of singletrack are now “triple track”; trails that are ten feet wide because people have ridden “around” a muddy section. Each rider goes a little wider than the last person, before you know it, you have a ten foot wide mud hole.

Trail damage

You spend an entire Friday doing trail work in the rain, when you come back on Monday, the trail is completely destroyed because the “weekend warriors” don’t have enough respect for the trail to not damage it. You get to the point where it’s just not worth it to maintain the trail. We’ve been heading out into the woods and working on other trails, this time, we aren’t going to tell anybody about them.

Mar 262014

The kayak fishing hits keep on coming! We’ve just posted the Kayak Fishing for Salmon in Southwest Washington video taken during the record fall salmon run of 2013 on the watermanatwork.com website.

Click HERE for the Kayak Fishing for Salmon in Southwest Washington video

The salmon fishing this past season was some of the best ever and there is some great kayak fishing action in the video. As far as kayak fishing in the Pacific Northwest goes, this is about as good as it gets.

We’ve got more photos and videos coming, so keep checking in here on the WatermanAtWork blog or the watermanatwork.com website.

Mar 192014

The Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Columbia River video is up on the watermanatwork.com website.

Click HERE for Columbia River Smallmouth Bass Fishing video

Just over 27 minutes long, the footage is from the 2013 smallmouth bass fishing season that has plenty of kayak fishing action for big Columbia River smallmouth bass. There are lots of helpful tips to find and catch smallies in the Columbia. The video is closed captioned and can be downloaded to your computer if you want to save it.

The salmon fishing video taken during the record 2013 salmon run on the Columbia River is almost finished and should be up shortly.

Mar 122014

The last snow is melted at the lower elevations and we’ve had a few days of dry weather which has allowed some of the local trails to dry out enough to go for a bike ride. We’ve been sitting around inside for the past few months and we’re getting near the end of our ropes. When the bad winter weather starts coming to an end, we are out the door as soon as possible.
The sky is blue, the sun is out and the temperature is in the low sixties, which is a pretty nice day around here, especially this time of year. The spring flowers are starting to bloom and the vegetation is starting to take on that characteristic Pacific Northwest green color. The ground is still wet in most places and there is a lot of mud around. The trails that are primarily decomposed rock are not as muddy and can handle bicycle tires and hiker’s boots, even if water is running down, or over the trail. There is still a good deal of snow in the higher elevations. We may have received a lower than normal amount of the white stuff this winter, but what’s there is starting to melt and run down to the Columbia River.

Klickitat County waterfall

Klickitat County waterfall

Looks like another day or two of nice weather, then the rain may be back, hopefully we can get out for another ride or two before we are back indoors.

Klickitat County, WA

We’ve finished up the Smallmouth Bass Fishing video and are almost finished with the Kayak Fishing for Salmon video. They should be up on the website soon, but they might be delayed by a few days if the weather holds up.

Mar 062014

Sorry everyone, we have really been lagging on the blog posts lately. Not because we’ve been sleeping until noon and watching TV, but we’ve been fooling around with the behind the scenes technical stuff of the watermanatwork.com website and editing video, which is a time consuming process. The good news is that a Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Columbia River video is just about finished and should be up on the website and YouTube in a few days. Still working on the vintage skateboard photos as well, then a video of last fall’s record salmon fishing season here in the PacNW.
Hang in there and keep checking for new stuff!

Jan 272014

Been kind of slow here at the WatermanAtWork blog lately. The weather this time of year in the Pacific Northwest has been much better than normal, but it’s still pretty cold and gray so the outdoor activity is kind of limited so we don’t have a lot of new photos or things to talk about. There has been a real shortage of snow this year so far, so not much as far as snowboarding or snowshoeing to talk about. Been out for a few bike rides, but it’s not super photogenic and a lot of times it’s too cold to stop and take a picture.
The limited outdoor activity is giving us time to process a lot of photos and videos to put on the watermanatwork.com website. We’ve added kayak fishing photos and fishing photos from a great 2013 fishing season and we are currently working on some vintage skateboarding photos from the late 1970′s and early 1980′s. These were the seminal years for modern skateboarding the the photos have not been seen for more than thirty years.

A skateboarder at Del Mar Skate Ranch 1979

These are old black and white negatives and some of them have been damaged over the years. It’s a time consuming and tedious job to restore them, but we’ve got most of the major work done and should have the photos on the watermanatwork.com website in a few days.

Jan 142014

So far in 2014, we’ve had one significant snow event followed by a significant deep freeze and a good dose of fog and freezing fog with some on and off rain showers. Not bad weather for this time of year but wet enough to turn the local trails into mud. Even without a lot of rain, there has been a near constant “freeze-thaw” cycle that keeps the ground wet and muddy. Unfortunately, many mountain bike riders, mainly the “weekend warrior” types have ignored the pleas of the trail stewards to not ride on the trails and have done considerable damage to them by riding through the mud with packs of riders. It takes a lot of volunteer work to keep these trails in shape, you have to wonder how long the trail workers are going to keep their enthusiasm for maintaining the trails when other riders have no regard for the trails or the work that is required to repair the damage they do.
It is really a shame that these selfish riders choose to damage muddy trails where there are literally hundreds of miles of dirt and gravel roads that wind thorough the same forests that the singletrack trails do. Of course everyone would rather ride singletrack, but would it kill them to ride on the same kind of surface through the same woods on a path that is a few feet wider for a month or two?
These Forest Service and old logging roads have nearly zero motorized traffic, especially in the winter months. The scenery is just as good as on the singletrack and these roads go just about everywhere in Washington and Oregon.

This is the time of year we do a lot of riding on the back roads searching for new singletrack. There are many trails out there; overgrown logging roads, old wagon trails and motorcycle trails that are no longer used. A little trail maintenance and you have a new section of mountain bike trail that allows you to get away from the crowds and enjoy riding a bike through the beautiful Pacific Northwest forest.