Feb 082016

We finally got a few days of nice bike riding weather here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s been cold, snowy, rainy and foggy for the past few weeks, not very inviting for outdoor activities. There have actually been three nice days in a row and it looks like there may be a few more coming up. After being stuck inside for weeks, it’s time to get outside!

Usually, due in less physical activity and more physical beer drinking, one has a tendency to put on a few pounds over the winter. We’ve been trying hard to keep it to a minimum because the older you get, the harder it is to lose the excess poundage. A little overeating around the holidays is hard to avoid, but cutting back on the beer has saved a few pounds for sure. I like to drink beer as much as the next guy, but you have to moderate. Easy to pack the weight on, hard to get rid of.

Anyway, the weather is nice so it’s out on the road for some bike riding. The trails are still far too muddy for mountain biking and many of the forest service roads are still covered with snow, but riding around the valley is good. Kind of out of shape, so big mileage and elevation gain are not necessary. Getting out of the house is.

Winter bike riding in the PacNW

The photo is kind of crappy because it’s from a $100 cell phone.

Hoping for a few more days of decent weather, winter is not over quite yet, but there’s hope that we’ve turned the corner towards spring. We are working on some kayak fishing videos for the watermanatwork.com website, so stay tuned for those.

Jan 302016

We have finally managed to get all the work done and have posted some classic skateboard photos from the late 1970’s and early 80’s to the watermanatwork.com website. There are photos from the original Carlsbad Skatepark, the San Onofre pipes, aka “Nukeland”, “Sanoland” and”San O”, along with photos from the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch. Click HERE to check out the skateboard photos.

If the photos are black and white, it is real black and white film, most likely Kodak Tri-X, hand developed at ASA 200. The color photos are Kodachrome 64. Olympus OM-1 and Nikon FM 2 35mm cameras were used. The slides and negatives have been scanned into digital files and restored with Photoshop CS6. Most of the slides and negatives are scratched or have minor damage as well as normal deterioration from passing time. It can take up to eight hours to restore a single negative or slide.

Click HERE for skateboard photos at watermanatwork.com

Click HERE or on the photo above to check out the skateboard photos at watermanatwork.com.

Jan 252016

The seemingly endless winter weather has subsided for a few days and we finally got a chance to get outside for a bike ride. The trails are either covered with snow or far too muddy to ride and there are cinders on most of the roads from all the snow which makes riding a road bike with skinny tires not that much fun, so I broke out the antique Azonic hardtail that can do it all. The old workhorse recently got new wheels and handlebar so it rides like a new bike. Headed out on the local roads and up into the local hills to see where the snow level was. It was nice today, but a few days ago, this road was covered in snow.

Forest Service road Cascade foothills

We didn’t have to go too far to hit the snow, which is about 1200′. That’s not too high so it’s going to be awhile before we can do any kind of riding on the local Forest Service and logging roads, forget the trails until spring unless something drastic happens.

Snow level 1200'

We are hoping for another decent day or two before the next El Nino surprise package…

Jan 072016

The weather remains wintery here in the PacNW, we’ve been stuck here for the past couple days due to all the snow. There’s still plenty of snow, but it’s warming up above freezing so it should slowly melt. We’ve been getting hammered pretty good with one storm after another, a few days to thaw and dry out a little would be nice. I’ll set up the indoor bicycle trainer, that usually turns the weather nice.

Anyway, more work has been done on the watermanawork.com website. We’ve just uploaded all the road bike riding videos we are going to have until it thaws out around here. They are POV videos of pretty cool bike riding routes around the Columbia River Gorge. Click HERE to check out the videos or click on the photo below

watermanatwork.com cycling videos

We still need to redo the vintage mountain bike and NORBA racing videos, that will take a little time. We will get the 2015 salmon and steelhead kayak fishing videos up shortly and a few surprises from the watermanatwork.com vintage vault. Keep checking in, we try to post everything that’s going on here on the watermanatwork.com blog.

Dec 312015

Happy New Year from everyone here at watermanatwork.com. All the best for the new year.

The Winter Wonderland of Weather continues in the PacNW. A little rain, a little more snow, one nice day where the snow and ice melted in the afternoon, now all the melted ice and snow is frozen solid as the temperature is dropping into the low twenties. Be careful if you are driving around tonight and tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a few days before the temperature is back above freezing.

Cold and ice for New Years 2016

The nasty weather has kept us indoors the watermanatwork.com computer center, where work continues on the freshly updated watermanatwork.com website. We are working on a few loose ends. Updated the Surfing web page with higher quality surf videos and are now working on some of the bike videos. We have a lot of new stuff coming up so stay tuned.

Dec 242015

All of us here at watermanatwork.com want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope that Santa brings you something good.

Merry Christmas from watermanatwork.com

Be safe if you are traveling.

Dec 222015

It’s been a long battle, but the watermanatwork.com website has finally been updated. Most of the web pages have the same URL(web page address) as the old website so any bookmarks and links should still work. The website will now work on any computer or mobile device. There’s a few web pages that aren’t going to work very well on mobile devices because the videos on the pages are not supported. The next job is to redo those videos along with the new videos that need to be edited and uploaded, so plenty of work still left to do. Plenty of new photos as well and more new projects.

watermanatwork.com Website Update

Yesterday, while we were uploading the new website to the servers, a severe windstorm blew through the Gorge with 40-50mph wind gusts. The trees are soaking wet and heavy from all the rain and snow, so the wind blew down a lot of tree branches. Some of those branches took out power lines and we were without power until early this morning, when we were able to upload the rest of the files. Hopefully, the website will work and be easy to use for everyone, no matter what device you are using.

Dec 192015

Not much blog action lately because, aside from working on the watermanatwork.com website, not much outdoor activity going on. We’ve been having a rather wet and cold December so far in the Pacific NW, most of the outdoors action has been shoveling snow, cleaning up downed branches and trying not to get stuck in the mud. There’s plenty of new snow up on Mt. Hood, but it’s typically wet “Cascade Concrete”, so it’s good snow for a base at the mountain resorts but wet snow on wet ground is a little sketch for backcountry stuff, so we’ll hold off on that for awhile and see how it goes. Looks like the snowshoes will start getting a workout.

Stormy Mt. Hood 12-15-15

We are almost done with the watermanatwork.com website work. It has taken a lot longer than we thought. It’s mostly computer grunt work, but everything has to be perfect. We are anxious to get the menial labor finished because there is a lot of new material to add to the website. In the next day or two, we hope to have all the work finished. The new website will look basically the same but should work on every computer and mobile device. Blog shop is closing and we are headed over to the computer coding department. Stay tuned.

Nov 282015

The watermanatwork.com website has been updated to work better with mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. The website now has a link on each page that connects to the same webpage, only optimized for mobile devices. You can stay on the “mobile” side of the website or return to the “regular” web pages. Eventually, the pages will be merged, there will be no “mobile” web pages. The main sections and main pages of the website will not change; bookmarks, links on forums, social media and search engines will continue to work. Might have to throw in an extra click or two, but everything should be there.


Some of the web pages do not work yet on mobile devices. This is especially true of the pages with video on them. The MPEG and Windows Media(WMV) videos do not work reliably on mobile devices so those videos have to be re-edited and encoded to a more suitable format. There is a lot of video on the watermanatwork.com website and it is going to be a lot of work to do that, it’s going to take some time. The good news is that the videos will be much higher quality and have better sound, and they can be much longer. We have got a lot of video to add to the website along with the updated video that is already there.

If you want to comment or complain about something on the website, please email us or leave a comment here on this blog post. If you don’t want the comment to be public, mention it and it won’t be posted, but we’ll read it.