Albacore Fishing Video

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We’ve added closed captions for the Voyager Albacore Fishing 2003 video on the website and on YouTube.

Closed captioning is a time consuming and tedious part of video production. Most viewers won’t use it, but we want people who may have hearing problems or can’t listen to the sound for some reason to enjoy the video just like everybody else. All the videos have closed captions except for the older video clips, we are in the process of updating those videos and when we do, they will be closed captioned.

The winter work sessions here at the Hood River office have slowed a bit due to the very nasty winter weather. We’ve had an unusually long stretch of cold, snow and ice. We do have significant winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but for the past month or so, it’s been more like Alaska. We are still getting work done, but we have to take time to do the things you need to do to prevent becoming a frozen meat patty. Keep checking in for new stuff.

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