Bass Fishing Heating Up

The weather is getting much warmer and the water temperatures around the Columbia River Gorge are climbing as well, the smallmouth bass are starting to move. Mid-May to the beginning of June is usually the prime smallmouth bass fishing time around here, but with the much warmer than normal spring temperatures, it seems the season is starting a bit early this year. We’ve been out a few times this year already with typical early season results; not many fish, but the ones caught were good size since only the bigger fish are moving in the cold spring water.

We caught a lot of fish this day, not as big as the past week or so, but when bass of this size start biting, that means the water is warm enough for all the fish to start moving around looking for food and spawning beds. We are anxious to get back out there, but the wind is not cooperating, so it may be another day or two before we can go fishing again.
We took a lot of really cool fishing video that we are editing and will have up on the website shortly. We are going to have a lot of smallmouth bass fishing coverage on the website, so stay tuned, the fishing season is really starting to turn on.

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