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Checking in from a rainy Pacific Northwest. We’ve had a lot of rain in the past few weeks, mostly on and off showers with occasionally heavier rain. Expecting snow in the higher elevations in the next few days. We can’t see Mt. Hood because it’s covered with clouds, but I would imagine that it’s snowing somewhere up there. Probably pretty windy, too. Anyway, aside from a couple bicycle rides, our outdoor activity has been limited to raking leaves and getting all the outdoor chores finished before the weather gets really bad. If the rain lets up for a day or two, it’s time to put the snow tires on the truck. It’s not so bad; a couple years ago we had almost a foot of snow just before Thanksgiving.

We have started on the long list of winter projects. A number of fishing videos and “how to” articles are on the agenda, as well as some vintage mountain bike racing videos that will be upgraded to more current video standards. There are always photos to edit and add to the website as well. We spent most of last winter updating the website so it would work on all computers and mobile devices, this winter will be dedicated to adding new content.

The blog posts may be a little thin this time of year, but stick with us because we definitely have things coming up.

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  1. Malarkey07

    Looking forward to new content. I’ve watched many of your videos and have followed some of your tactics that have landed me some nice bass! Thanks for all the work you put into your videos. I look forward to more!

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