Handmade Wood Carvings

My father, Joseph R. Barbish was an award winning wood carver and craftsman. Over the years, he sent me hand carved and painted work as gifts for holidays and birthdays. I agreed to not sell any of his carvings while he was still alive because he never sold any of his carvings himself. He has passed and I don’t have the room to display all these carvings, so it’s time to sell a few.

Most of the carvings are unique, one of a kind. There are a few where there may be two similar, but not identical carvings when my father made the same carvings for me, my brother and sister. Small hand tools were used, no computerized production. The wood used in the carvings is from real trees, not the lumber store.

Being one of a kind items, value is based on size and quality. These carvings are not the $20 hand carved ducks that are mass produced or made by third world labor. There’s only one of each. Most of the wildlife carvings are life size. Nearly all of them are signed and many are signed and dated.

Bicycle Rider 2010
Black Walnut Eagle
Black Walnut Rhino
Blue Jay 2005
Blue Jay 2011
Cinnamon Teal 2003
Elegant Trogon 2006
Grizzly Bear
Jesus / Crucifix
Macaw 2013
Mandarin Duck
Old Fisherman 2015
Owl 2004
Rainbow Trout
Red Bellied Woodpecker 2005
Ruddy Duck 2007
Ruddy Duck 2009
Santa Finshing Lure 2013
Snow Owl 2012
Wood Duck 2001
Yellow Perch Stringer 2014

All the carvings are for sale and there is only one of each. If you are interested in buying one or more of these unique items, or you would like more information, email me at watermanatwork@gmail.com and we can talk about it.

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