Lunar Eclipse 11-8-22

Sorry there’s no kayak fishing action to report because the desert winds have been howling, but there is always something going on. Early this morning there was a total lunar eclipse. A few clouds, not too many. Without the wind, we could fish all night by the full moon, which is very bright.

The eclipse started about 0200 local time. I got up about 0230 and the eclipse was well underway. A very bright, full moon night was nearly completely dark.

Lunar eclipse 11-8-22

As the eclipse event continued, it got darker and the stars reappeared in the night sky. Near total eclipse, the “Blood Moon” effect takes over.

Lunar eclipse 11-8-22

If it wasn’t for the relentless desert wind, we’d be kayak fishing under the full moon all night long but that’s the way it goes. We’ll be back on the water soon, so check back.

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