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The weather remains wintery here in the PacNW, we’ve been stuck here for the past couple days due to all the snow. There’s still plenty of snow, but it’s warming up above freezing so it should slowly melt. We’ve been getting hammered pretty good with one storm after another, a few days to thaw and dry out a little would be nice. I’ll set up the indoor bicycle trainer, that usually turns the weather nice.

Anyway, more work has been done on the website. We’ve just uploaded all the road bike riding videos we are going to have until it thaws out around here. They are POV videos of pretty cool bike riding routes around the Columbia River Gorge. Click HERE to check out the videos or click on the photo below cycling videos

We still need to redo the vintage mountain bike and NORBA racing videos, that will take a little time. We will get the 2015 salmon and steelhead kayak fishing videos up shortly and a few surprises from the vintage vault. Keep checking in, we try to post everything that’s going on here on the blog.

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