Mobile Website Work Continues

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The weather here in the PacNW has been pretty bad for the past week or so, that’s bad news if you have outdoor activities planned, but good news for visitors to the website because we are indoors working on the WatermanAtWork mobile website. It’s not done yet, but many of the big jobs are just about finished. A lot of it involves rewriting all the website computer code so it works on as many mobile devices and computers as possible. This is time consuming and tedious work, but the website should work a lot better. The mobile website will probably look a little better on a mobile device than on a big computer monitor, but we’ll tweak that later. The link for the mobile website, still under construction, is HERE if you want to check it out. There may be a few dead ends and all the pages aren’t finished, so keep that in mind. Some of the older video clips are going to have to be re-edited, that’s going to take a little longer. mobile website

There is a lot of new stuff waiting to be edited and uploaded, but if we don’t get the grunt work out of the way first, we’ll never do it. Check out the mobile website to see what we’re doing when the weather is nasty.

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