Oregon Trail Rally – Fir Mountain Stage

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Today was the Oregon Trail Rally put on by Rally America here in Hood River, Oregon. It’s a challenging race over dirt/gravel/rock roads that, like today, were slick and wet from days of rain. You can get the stats for the rally HERE, photos are below

Fraxa 18-Ward-Barbery

Ford 366-Janny-Janny

ERS 36-Kovalik-Roy

Crazy Leo 111-Ulrilich-Williamson

Brakim 11-Brandenburg-Kimmel

BMW 207-Hintz-Hintz

AlphaStar 14-Sterckx-Janowski

Alfa Romeo 33-Angell-Buren

Accura 278-Aartsen-Hoffert


YACC 113-Tooth-Beverley

Wild Irish 297-Greer-Greer

TSS 203-Heredos-West

True Car 335-Junnila-Mei

TRS 24-Detota-Gardiner

Toyota 509-Clark-Clark

Tabor 448-Burress-Schonbeck

Summit Timers 27-Orders-Feaver

Summit 28-Allan-Allan

Subaru 669-Cline-Dorman

Subaru 339-O'Driscoll-O'Driscoll

Subaru 215-Thomas-Daly

Subaru 75-Higgins-Drew

Sparco 20-ComriePicard-Wimpey

Salta 60-Rockrohr-Deangelis

Saab 96-Ankeny-Kraushaar

Rockstar 17-L'Estage-Richard

Oregon Trail Rally Fir Mt. Stage 5-5-12

National Guard 54-Skucas-Fox

Mazda 214-Meyers-Manspeaker

Max 109-Neumann-Riddle

Industrial Graphics 425-Schulze-Yeoman

Giant 693-Rossey-Decker

They are racing on the other side of the highway tomorrow, big time action for the swinging metropolis of Dufur, OR!

Here’s a short video clip of the Fir Mountain stage. I didn’t shoot too much video, I spent most of my time taking photos.

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  1. ryan

    great pics…are there any pics of sweep, e-crew or spectators anywhere?

  2. WatermanAtWork

    I rode my mountain bike to this spot on the course, there were no spectators or race officials.

  3. Michael Milos

    Hi – wondering if you have any shots of car 49 . Would love to see them. Thanks in advance.

    Michael Milos
    CoDriver Car 49

  4. WatermanAtWork

    Michael-Sorry, no photos of your car, but you are in the video clip at the bottom of the blog post.

    Ron B

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