Summer Riding In the Cascade Mountains

It’s mid July and that means summer mountain bike riding in the Cascade Mountains. Everything is green, there is still snow in the mountains and it’s not too dusty. It’s cool at night and hot during the day, so an early start to the day’s ride is in order. There is plenty of climbing right from camp so you warm up quick.

Early AM MTB camp Cascade Mtns

There were a few clouds hanging around Mt. Adams from time to time, but it was mostly clear blue skies. It’s been hot, but nothing like the record heat of last summer, so there is still snow on the mountain.

Mt Adams

I’m getting in better shape, so the rides are longer and higher up into the mountains.

Cascade Mtn road

There are several large burn areas from previous forest fires. The absence of trees allows you to see some of the smaller volcanic mountain peaks as the road winds between them.

Cascade Mtn road

If you get high enough and the skies are relatively clear, you can get a glimpse of Mt. Hood about sixty miles away.

Mt Hood

There are miles of roads like this running through the Cascade Mountains.

Cascade Mtn road

We don’t ride on forest service roads all the time. There are plenty of trails and overgrown roads to explore. A lot of them are dead ends, but they take you to the most remote parts of the mountains.

Cascade Mtn road

The mountains are buzzing with mid summer life. There is a lot to see as you ride around, always a reason to stop and check things out. There are a lot of bugs, most are harmless, like the many butterflies and bees.

Cascade Mtn bee on flower

This golden colored dragonfly found the truck antenna a perfect perch to enjoy the mountain sun.

Cascade Mtn dragonfly

Many of the mountain flowers are in full bloom, adding a splash of color to a sea of green.

Cascade Mtn flowers

And what about this mushroom growing out of a cowpie?

Cascade Mtn mushroom

The days are already getting shorter and winter comes to these mountains quickly so we want to get while the gettin’s good and ride as much as possible.

Cascade Mtn shadows

A few days to take care of business and it’s back to the mountains so stay tuned.

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