Too Hot For The Streets Car Show 2012

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It’s prime time summer weather so we’ve been riding bikes on a regular basis and fishing when the conditions allow, but recent rides are pretty much solo training rides, so nothing too exciting to report and the fishing has been a little slow(at least where we went), so last weekend we took up a little spectator sportsmanship to check out the Too Hot For the Streets Car Show in North Bonneville, Washington. The car show is one of the events of North Bonneville Gorge Days, we usually drop by to take a few photos and talk about cool cars.
This is a cool little car show, pretty much everything is free; parking, admission, etc. There’s stuff for the family and events and raffles for kids, live bands, food, beer garden, sock hop, all kinds of things to do. Of course, we are here mostly for the cars.
Having owned a couple 57 Chevys, we are always interested in those 55-57 Chevys, there are always a few nice ones at this show, this year was no different. Here’s a nice 55:

1955 Chevy

A mint 1957, completely restored to stock condition:

Mint 1957 Chevy

Stock 1957 Chevy 283 Engine

Plenty of old American coupes:

1940s Fords

1950 Ford Coupe

Chevy Coupe

Plymouth Coupe

Classic 1940 Ford Coupe

How about this flathead V8? Unless you live on a farm, flathead engines are something you hardly ever see

Flathead V8

This is the Pacific Northwest, so there were plenty of classic pickup trucks:

Chevy Pickup Truck

Ford Pickup Truck

Ford Pickup Truck Engine

Pearl White Pickup Truck

Willys 4x4 Pickup Truck

Many, many great American hot rods

Classic American Hot Rods

Hot Chevy Coupe

Hot Chevy Coupe Engine

A few American muscle cars

1965 Pontiac GTO

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

A couple classic VW vans

VW Van-VW Go Kart

VW Van-VW Go Kart

How about this Mercedes Benz roadster?

Classic Mercedes Roadster

The always popular Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra

One of America’s premiere car builders, Carroll Shelby passed away not long ago so there is even more than normal interest in his automobiles. One of the most interesting things at the show this year was this pair of Mustangs; a Roush Mustang and a Shelby GT500.

Roush Ford Mustang-Shelby GT500

The Roush is the wife’s car. Doubt she is late getting anywhere.

Roush Ford Engine

The Shelby GT500 is a limited edition model

Shelby 500 GT

Shelby 500GT Engine

Here’s a shot of the interior. The driver’s seat is a Recaro racing seat

Shelby 500GT Interior

These people are obviously big time Ford Mustang fans, he is serious about that Shelby GT500, that’s for sure. It’s a limited edition Shelby, number 527 out of 600, it is signed by Carroll Shelby and Henry Ford. A Carroll Shelby collector’s gem

Shelby 500GT Signatures

I was so inspired by the car show, I came home and tuned up my Toyota pickup truck and changed the oil, that’s about as high performance as it gets for me these days. Back on the bike tomorrow, hopefully, the wind will die down towards the end of the week and it’s back on the water for more kayak fishing.

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    Great hot hatches. I love american classic cars.

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