watermanatwork.com Website Updated!

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It’s been a long battle, but the watermanatwork.com website has finally been updated. Most of the web pages have the same URL(web page address) as the old website so any bookmarks and links should still work. The website will now work on any computer or mobile device. There’s a few web pages that aren’t going to work very well on mobile devices because the videos on the pages are not supported. The next job is to redo those videos along with the new videos that need to be edited and uploaded, so plenty of work still left to do. Plenty of new photos as well and more new projects.

watermanatwork.com Website Update

Yesterday, while we were uploading the new website to the servers, a severe windstorm blew through the Gorge with 40-50mph wind gusts. The trees are soaking wet and heavy from all the rain and snow, so the wind blew down a lot of tree branches. Some of those branches took out power lines and we were without power until early this morning, when we were able to upload the rest of the files. Hopefully, the website will work and be easy to use for everyone, no matter what device you are using.

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