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Not much blog action lately because, aside from working on the website, not much outdoor activity going on. We’ve been having a rather wet and cold December so far in the Pacific NW, most of the outdoors action has been shoveling snow, cleaning up downed branches and trying not to get stuck in the mud. There’s plenty of new snow up on Mt. Hood, but it’s typically wet “Cascade Concrete”, so it’s good snow for a base at the mountain resorts but wet snow on wet ground is a little sketch for backcountry stuff, so we’ll hold off on that for awhile and see how it goes. Looks like the snowshoes will start getting a workout.

Stormy Mt. Hood 12-15-15

We are almost done with the website work. It has taken a lot longer than we thought. It’s mostly computer grunt work, but everything has to be perfect. We are anxious to get the menial labor finished because there is a lot of new material to add to the website. In the next day or two, we hope to have all the work finished. The new website will look basically the same but should work on every computer and mobile device. Blog shop is closing and we are headed over to the computer coding department. Stay tuned.

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