World Cup DH Mountain Bike Video

The relentless winter weather has eased a bit so we’ve been working on a classic Grundig World Cup DH Mountain Bike video. Many people, including us, have been essentially snowed in for about a month. Lots of time we would spend working on photos and videos has been spent instead with endless snow shoveling sessions and clearing snow off the roof so it didn’t collapse. We are hoping the worst is behind us so we can get on with things. Anyway, the mountain bike video has a lot of great footage of some of the early generation downhill mountain bike racers like Myles Rockwell

Myles Rockwell-1995 Grunding World Cup-Big Bear CA

and John Tomac

John Tomac-1995 Grundig World Cup-Big Bear CA

Looks like another few days of crappy weather so we should be able to get a lot editing done. We really need to get outside and get some exercise, use the snowshoes for a walk in the woods instead of getting from the house to the truck. Stay tuned.

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