Blown Off the Water

Kayak fishing here on the Colorado River has come to dead stop, blown off the water by raging desert wind. The desert is known for its wind along with the dust and sandstorms that come with it. Last year had noticeably more wind than the previous year and this winter is windier than last year by a long shot.

There have been several wind events with sustained winds over 25-30mph and gusts to 40-50mph. It has been double digit wind nearly every day and many of the nights for a couple months. That makes kayak fishing impossible and camping in the desert a wonderful experience.

Desert dust storm

With the time have not been able to go kayak fishing, I’ve been editing another kayak fishing video.

Editing video in the field

This is the time of year we get a lot of video footage, if the fishing stays like this, it will be a pretty poor video or no video at all. Hoping the wind stops soon and we will be on the water day and night. Check back soon.

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