Getting a Ham Radio License

If you are interested in getting a ham radio license, the process is straightforward if you follow a few easy steps. You will have to know some basic electronics and do a little studying, but it’s not that difficult.

To get started, head to the ARRL website. You can navigate through the ARRL website or click here for ARRL Exam Review . Create an account and start taking practice exams. Technician license comes first so select those practice exams.
After a couple practice tests, you’ll have a good idea of what you need to study up on. One thing you should know for sure is Ohm’s Law; V=IR, Voltage(V)=Current(I) X Resistance(R). The Technician exam question pool has about four hundred questions. The best approach is to memorize as many as you can. It’s not that hard. Keep taking the ARRL practice tests. Research questions you have trouble with.

ARRL Technician practice exam

Keep taking the test and you’ll notice the improvement. When you can consistently score above 80% on the practice tests, you should be ready to go. There’s no cheat sheets or mobile devices allowed during the test so you better know your stuff.

When you think you’re ready to take the Technician exam, find an Amateur License Exam in your area. Once you find an exam session, create an account with the FCC and get an FCC Registration Number(FRN). When you take the test, make sure you have the FRN to enter on your paperwork. When you pass the test, your license will be entered to your account.

Technician license certification

I took the Technician test on Saturday and received my license on Tuesday. When your license is online and in the FCC database, you are a ham radio operator.

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