Day One – Mountain Bike Season

After a great couple days of fishing in the backcountry, I needed to unwind. The best way to do that is to saddle up the mountain bike and head into the Washington boonies.
Don and I hoodwinked an unsuspecting J Sully into a “mellow uphill” ride which was actually the bottom end of our standard Old Man Pass route. We wanted to ride up the hill to check out the snow level.

Big Woods

The woods were lush and green, the trail was in great shape except for a few trees across the trail that cut into the downhill fun. Elk shit everywhere.

WA Trail

Don Air

There was snow at the Upper Falls which means it will be a couple weeks, at least, before we can go for the full Old Man Pass ride.


Upper Falls

I’ll try to get full size photos up on the website as soon as I can.

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