Jimi Hendrix Bootleg Album

This is a rare Jimi Hendrix bootleg album from the Maui HI sessions in July 1970. The album was released by Trade Mark of Quality(TMOQ or TMQ) in July 1973. The 1970 sound quality is not very good, but it was a big deal because Hendrix was not making any more music.

Jimi Hendrix bootleg album TMQ 7502

TMQ 7502 is the Trade Mark of Quality(TMQ) identification mark. This album is also distinctive for the translucent green and black & white vinyl.

Jimi Hendrix bootleg album TMQ 7502

I am a big Jimi Hendrix fan and a friend of mine in the merchant marine gave this to me as a gift. I played it on, probably, a Pioneer turntable and recorded it to a reel to reel tape deck. Remember, 1973 here. Put the albums back in the sleeve and into storage for forty years. The vinyl records are in pretty good shape. There may be a couple scratches that might cause a skip, I don’t know much about modern turntables. These records are rare. More likely to hang them on the wall than play them.

There’s not that many of these albums left. They have sold for over $2K, that was a couple years ago. Not many available. Google “TMQ 7502” to get information. If you’re interested in this rare Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, email me at watermanatwork@gmail and we can talk.

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