Hot Summer Mountain Biking

Dealing with record heat and dry and dusty conditions, it’s time for more hot summer mountain biking from the Cascade Mountains. The conditions are not ideal, but the way things are going, there may be no riding at all if the fire situation keeps getting worse, as it probably will. Even though it’s hot, the … Read more

Hot and Dusty MTB Trail Riding

The continuing unseasonably hot weather is making for hot and dusty MTB trail riding here in the Cascade Mountains of the PacNW. Everything is bone dry making for extreme fire danger. There are already a number of large wildfires burning in the PacNW and the “fire season” has barely begun. Fire season is all year … Read more

Racing the Fires

As the hot weather continues in the PacNW, it gets drier and drier and the risk for wildfire is as extreme as it gets. The mountain snowpack is melting at a record rate. Seasonal streams and creeks are already dry and some mountain springs have been reduced to a trickle. This is all with a … Read more

Cascade Mountain Bike Riding

It’s been about a month since we transitioned from kayak fishing in the US desert southwest to mountain biking on our local trails in the Cascade Mountains. It was supposed to go from kayak fishing on the Colorado River to kayak fishing on the Columbia River, but this area is going through “them changes” on … Read more

Autumn Cascade Mountain Biking

We’ve spent a good deal of time mountain biking in the Cascade Mountains this summer. Almost everything is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We’re lucky to have a place to ride away from the sickness and madness of civilization. The leaves are turning colors, rain is more frequent and soon the mountains will be … Read more

More Cascade Mountain Biking

As is the case just about everywhere in the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on daily life here in the PacNW. The high infection rate large population centers of Portland and Seattle call the shots so the entire states of Washington and Oregon are basically shut down. The low infection … Read more