The Long Road North

I apologize for the lack of blog material here at and also at This is the time of year I make my annual pilgrimage from the desert southwest to my home in the Pacific Northwest. This season of kayak fishing in the desert was terrible. The Sonoran desert is not a calm place, … Read more

Back on the Water

After months of relentless desert wind that prevented any kayak fishing, the kayak fishing crew is back on the water. Hard to believe this is the first kayak fishing trip of the 2023 fishing season. In the past few desert fishing seasons, we have seen dramatic weather changes that have had a major impact … Read more

No Fish Report

It has been a long time since a kayak fishing photo or video has posted on the kayak fishing blog. The reason for that is there is no kayak fishing to be done here on the lower Colorado River. In the same place, a few years ago, it was easily one of the best … Read more

No News

I’m sorry to report that there has been no kayak fishing lately. Of course it sucks when you go somewhere to go fishing and there is no fishing at all, but I think we are starting to see the results of the multiple environmental catastrophes here in the American west. Drought and extreme weather are … Read more

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from and thanks for checking out the blog. I wish I had a good kayak fishing report or even a bad kayak fishing report to write about. The conditions on the lower Colorado River are so bad there is no fishing at all. Complaining about the fishing, even though it is … Read more

Kayak Fishing Basics

In this post, we are going to cover some kayak fishing basics that apply everywhere. We’ll start by showing a little winter kayak fishing on the Colorado River like we usually do this time of year, but things are different this time around. It has been very windy here in the Colorado River basin and … Read more