May 072017

It was a beautiful spring day today, perfect for a bike ride around Hood River, Oregon. This area is undoubtedly one of the best places in the United States to ride bikes. Riding on the road through the valleys and mountains of the Columbia Gorge or on one of the many trails on a mountain bike, it’s pretty hard to beat. We are lucky enough to be able to ride here all the time, something we are very thankful for.

The road through the Hood River valley to Mt Hood

The spring pear blossom bloom is pretty much over. Some of the apple trees are still blooming. Lots of bees flying around.

Mt Adams 5-7-17

The mountain biking is great, but we are on a short and quick fitness program, so you get more workout bang for your buck on the road bike. For the next couple weeks, if we aren’t kayak fishing, we will be bike riding. Looks like decent weather as well so we are looking forward to every day.

Apr 232017

We went for a great spring bike ride a couple days ago around the Columbia River Gorge and posted a couple photos from the ride. It was a great day for a bike ride. It was such a nice day, I took a few photos before we went riding with a different camera. When it’s really nice, you are thankful for your good fortune and take it all in.

Bike ride to Mt. Hood on a perfect PacNW spring day

There are a lot of nice places in the world. Some places are nicer than others, but almost every place has that one perfect day out of the other barely manageable days that keeps you hanging on. Take advantage of that perfect day and get what you can from the rest of it.

Apr 212017

The off and on spring rain stayed “off” today and provided for a great spring bike ride in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like spring, but there are still plenty of rain showers and clouds to go around. When you get a nice day around here, you take advantage of it. It’s a nice time of year for cycling in the Gorge if you read the weather correctly and dodge a few showers.

Hood River Valley 4-21-17

The pear tree blossoms are blooming in the Hood River valley and this weekend is The Dalles Cherry Festival, so it’s a big spring weekend. There are going to be a lot of people checking out the blossoms, so be careful if you’re driving, or especially if you’re riding a bicycle around the Columbia River Gorge.

Hood River County 4-21-17

We got the kayaks and kayak gear out and will be getting ready for the fishing season’s first trip. The weather and wind are uncertain for the next few days, so we will be getting the gear ready to go for the first available fishing day.

Apr 162017

Well, we were on the road again for the first back to back bike riding days of 2017. I don’t care what anybody else says, we had a harsh winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Usually, winter stops the kayak fishing because there really isn’t any realistic chance of catching a fish worth being out in some really bad weather, but winter only slows down the bike riding because there are usually a few days a winter month you can get outside and ride. Not this past winter. Anyway, it’s great to be out riding bikes again.

Heading out for a bike ride in the Pacific Northwest

Yesterday was a beautiful day, today was kind of overcast and breezy, but not bad at all.

Heading for Mt Hood on a bike ride in the Pacific Northwest

We want to get out on the mountain bikes, but the long winter has really hurt our fitness levels, so the fastest way to get back in shape is to get some road miles in. The roads are hilly enough and all the good mountain bike stuff is, well, in the mountains. Not much fun pushing the bike uphill. If the weather stays decent, might get some fitness back. Kayak fishing season starts soon as well. Being fit and as healthy as you can be is really important.

Apr 152017

It’s been a long winter and we are finally starting to see some decent weather here in the PacNW, time to get out for some spring bike riding. Because of the harsh winter, the opportunities for outdoor exercise, except for shoveling snow and digging out stuck vehicles, were few and far between. It’s going to be a longer and tougher struggle to get back into decent condition after being stuck inside for months. Anyway, we got started on the road back with a nice ride around the local back roads.

Spring bike riding on Pacific Northwest back roads

The trees are still pretty bare, but nature kicks into gear pretty quick in the springtime around here. With all the snow we’ve had this winter, there is a lot of snow melt rushing down the local creeks and rivers to the Columbia River.

Rushing creeks full of water from melting snow

Hoping to get another ride in tomorrow and start getting back in shape!

Feb 072017

The 1995 Grundig World Cup downhill mountain bike race video has been uploaded to the website. From analog Hi-8 video tape in 1995 to the internet in 2017, finally got around to it.

These were the glory days of mountain bike racing. Full suspension mountain bikes were just coming out, but the inch or two of suspension wasn’t much by today’s standards. Clipless pedals and primitive disc brakes appeared. Full face helmets, but not too much body armor. Not super technical by modern standards, but the Snow Summit downhill course was plenty challenging with rocky, dusty trails, off camber turns, sudden steep sections and peddling(imagine that) for two timed runs down Bear Mountain.

Check out the video HERE or click on the photo below:

Click HERE for 1995 Grundig World Cup downhill MTB video

We will be uploading the video to YouTube, but the video quality is always better on the website.

We’ve had plenty of time to work on these videos because the winter here in the PacNW remains challenging. Lots of snow for winter activities is what you want, but there is a point when there is so much snow and/or cold, when the novelty wears off. If you can’t get out of the driveway, you can’t do much else. More snow today, but not as cold as it’s been, so we are hoping for a blizzard-melting deal.

Pacific Northwest blizzard 2-7-17

Work continues here at the World Headquarters. We have more mountain bike videos in the chute and kayak fishing videos and photos to get the 2017 fishing season going, whenever winter cuts loose of us. Stay tuned…

Jan 302017

The relentless winter weather has eased a bit so we’ve been working on a classic Grundig World Cup DH Mountain Bike video. Many people, including us, have been essentially snowed in for about a month. Lots of time we would spend working on photos and videos has been spent instead with endless snow shoveling sessions and clearing snow off the roof so it didn’t collapse. We are hoping the worst is behind us so we can get on with things. Anyway, the mountain bike video has a lot of great footage of some of the early generation downhill mountain bike racers like Myles Rockwell

Myles Rockwell-1995 Grunding World Cup-Big Bear CA

and John Tomac

John Tomac-1995 Grundig World Cup-Big Bear CA

Looks like another few days of crappy weather so we should be able to get a lot editing done. We really need to get outside and get some exercise, use the snowshoes for a walk in the woods instead of getting from the house to the truck. Stay tuned.

Nov 082016

The fishing season for us is over, it’s back on the bikes until the weather gets too bad. We don’t do much bike riding during salmon fishing season, so after a couple months off, we are going to try and get as much fitness in before the meat of winter keeps us inside. It was a pretty nice day today; sunny, in the mid-fifties and calm wind. Great day for a bike ride, but after a couple months off, the rides are pretty short until we get back into bike riding shape.

Bike riding in the Pacific Northwest on a sunny autumn day

There are a few autumn leaves left on the trees, but a lot of the leaves have fallen to the ground. Have to be careful of the wet leaves on the road, very slippery. Have to take advantage of these last nice days of fall. Winter is literally a few days away.

Jul 202016

If the wind can blow your troubles away, you should spend a few hours around here and you’ll be good to go. The Columbia Gorge wind is legendary and it’s living up to the reputation for the past few weeks. There has not been a calm day for weeks so kayak fishing on the Columbia River has not been happening. We’ve given up hoping for calm days and would now settle for anything in the single digit wind speed. It’s been a great summer for the kiteboarders and sailboarders. Here’s a link to the live cams in the Columbia River Gorge. As far as kayak fishing goes, we’re hoping things settle down because salmon fishing season is just a few weeks away.

Since kayak fishing is out, we have been riding bikes as much as possible. I’m trying to keep up with the guys in the Tour de France and ride nearly every day. The weather is nice, despite the wind and the summer days are long so you can’t let a single nice day go by without doing something or you’ll regret it in December. I look at it as a month long training camp. There’s a lot of places to ride around here, but being able to ride in some of the nicest areas of the Pacific Northwest without getting in the truck is a real blessing for which I am grateful. Riding bikes in the Cascade Mountains is a good workout. Should be in pretty good shape by the end of the summer.

Ride until you run out of road

Road cycling gives you more bang for you buck as far as workout time goes and we ride to the end of the road. Mountain biking is more fun and a good workout. You can head off into the woods and ride all day long.

Pacific Northwest forest road

Riding a mountain bike in the Cascade Mountains is a lot of fun and can be a real adventure. You see something different every time you ride. Below is the view through the trees as you head up towards Mt. Hood. Mt. Adams is in the middle with Mt. St. Helens off to the left. Both the mountains, volcanoes of course, are in Washington.

Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams

There’s a lot of wildlife in this area, you never know what you might run across. In the summer, we also have a quality assortment of bugs. Luckily, only a small percentage will bite or sting you and some of them are pretty amazing to look at.

Colorful bug in the Cascade Mountains

We are hoping for a little more fishing action, otherwise, we’ll be trying to get in shape on the bikes. This is the time of year for outdoor chores, we want to get all of that and any truck repairs out of the way before salmon season.